Young people in the NDIS

The Young people in the NDIS report is one of a series of publicly shared reports released by the NDIA as part of the Agency’s commitment to sharing data (see reports and analyses ). These reports are in addition to the comprehensive quarterly reports  and are released to assist stakeholders better understand participant outcomes and market trends.

As of 30 June 2020, there were 159,796 young people aged 0 to 14 in the Scheme with approved plans and 8,197 children receiving initial supports in the ECEI gateway.  

The purpose of this report is to present information on the experience of young people in the NDIS and to compare this experience to the Scheme as a whole.

The report summarises available information on:

  • Participants – characteristics of young people in the NDIS (e.g. disability group, gender, background).
  • Participant experience – operational information such as waiting times, eligibility rates, exits, plan management and complaints.
  • Committed supports and payments – the amount of supports committed in plans, the amount of payments made for supports received and the amount of the plan budget utilised.
  • Participant outcomes and satisfaction – participant baseline and longitudinal outcome measures for participants and family/carers, as well as results from the participant satisfaction survey.

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28 September 2020