Data and insights

The increasing maturity of the NDIA means we are collecting a lot of valuable data. This provides a picture of the needs, successes and challenges for Australians who live with a disability and those who support them.

The NDIS is sharing this data in a range of formats including downloadable reports and spreadsheets, analysis and presentations. As new information becomes available it will be added to the website. More features will also be added, including data visualisation tools which will make it easier to use the data available. 

We invite you to explore this data to further your own knowledge of the disability sector, its achievements and challenges, and the way the NDIS is working to create a more accessible and inclusive society.

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Participants and the NDIS as at 31 December 2020


People with disability are being supported by the Scheme


Participants joined the Scheme this quarter


Participants are receiving supports for the first time

Providers and the NDIS as at 31 December 2020


Providers have supported participants since the start of the scheme.


Providers were active this quarter and also in previous quarters.


Providers were active for the first time this quarter.

December 2020 Data Release Highlights

New and improved NDIS interactive data tool

  • The Agency has released a new, fully accessible interactive data tool on the Explore data page.
  • Use the tool to explore data about participants, active providers, market concentration and utilisation of plan budgets. 
  • The interactive data tool allows you to:
    • apply multiple drop-down filters to each data set (such as state and territory, service district, disability type and more)
    • search for data using a map of Australia, divided into service districts – you can zoom in and out and easily switch between the map and data tables
    • use the drop-down filters and map to create custom data tables based on the information you need
    • export your custom data tables as an excel spreadsheet.
  • The interactive data tool replaces the simple data tool.

New and refreshed data

Refer to the data release plan (PDF123KB) or the links above for more detail.

This page current as of
2 December 2020