Data and insights

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is committed to providing free and open access to data through the public data releases on this website.

We do this to ensure that participants and their families and carers, researchers, advocates, policy makers and the general public, can find out more about Scheme operations. 

Data is shared through the following formats 

  • Interactive data visualisation tool 
  • Downloadable data files, such as spreadsheets  
  • In-depth written reports and analysis 

Public data releases focus on a range of topics and areas of interest regarding the Scheme, including  

  • Participant groups and demographics  
  • Markets, providers and payments data  
  • Outcomes updates for participants, their families and carers 
  • Specialist Disability Accommodation  
  • Deep dives on specific topics, including employment, young people and their experience with the scheme; and  
  • Corporate reporting 

Discover more about how the NDIS shares data through the Data Sharing Policy  

Participants and the NDIS as at 31 December 2023


People with disability are being supported by the Scheme


Participants joined the Scheme this quarter


Participants are receiving supports for the first time

Providers and the NDIS as at 31 December 2023


Providers have supported Agency-managed participants and plan managers since the start of the Scheme


Providers were active this quarter and also in previous quarters.


Providers were active for the first time this quarter.

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21 February 2024