Participant dashboards 

The NDIA regularly shares reports and data aimed at improving knowledge and understanding of how people with disabilities are experiencing the Scheme. 

This dashboard series includes summary reports and accompanying data downloads for 13 primary disability types, sharing key insights from Scheme data about:

Participants – the profile of participants, including characteristics such as age, background, gender and demographics   

Payments – average payments according to age and SIL (Supported Independent Living) arrangements 

Participant outcomes and satisfaction – various measures of outcomes achieved by participants and their families and carers, including those recorded at Scheme entry and over time through longitudinal survey responses 

Participant experience – various measures of the Scheme as experienced by participants, including the rate of 'access met' decisions, Participant Services Guarantee (PSG) metrics, and complaints   

Providers – number of providers supporting people with this disability and payments to providers by type of plan management   

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22 December 2022